Our fees are based on what our clients ask us to do. Our initial fees range from 5-15 percent of the cost of construction. A custom house gets a custom fee. The high side of our fee includes architectural interior design and the design of the cabinets, finishes, etc.

Our emphasis and understanding of the importance of the interiors which includes both Interior Design and Interior Architecture as well. We anticipate your needs and utilize space to serve the use they’re intended for by developing a specific program for each client.

Yes. We like to tailor our references specifically for our clients. We don’t have a generic reference list.

We’re involved on a daily basis in making sure our team is working to meet our client’s wishes as we see it. A lot of people worry that their project will be passed down to a draftsman, and that’s a good thing to be worried about. We’ve found that constant interaction between the Principals and design staff is critical for a successful project.

There’s a role that we think the client should have. A good client does not give us suggestions on how to solve a problem. That’s our job. Their job is to make sure the problem has been properly identified and stated. We especially want them very involved in the beginning and to show us everything they’ve been dreaming about.

As registered architects, we’ve been designing national award-winning custom homes in the Lowcountry and elsewhere since 1986. Registered in South Carolina, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards accreditations allows us to become registered in any state as needed.

We take our clients’ budgets seriously. We and they are going to find out very quickly if their budget is realistic or not. Since it’s a custom home, it has custom costs. Each project is unique and as the process of budgeting is evolutionary, they will let us know what’s important to them and what is not. There are always compromises to meet a budget and part of our job is to decide which compromises make sense for them.

We have weekly scheduled site meetings with the builders. Our clients will get pictures, reports, emails and phone calls. Most of our clients live out of state and they will tell you the process doesn’t suffer as a result.

We don’t really have one. We tend to design in a very wide range of styles. We’re fluent in everything from contemporary to Tuscan to colonial to Mediterranean to shingle style and federal. You name the style, and we can design the home in that style. We have a talent in taking that style and making it work for the Lowcountry.

Yes, we’ve done laundry rooms and screened-in porches and garage additions. But if you’re looking for somebody to do the cheapest garage, we’re probably not the right people to do it. But if you look at adding the garage as an opportunity to make your house better from a design standpoint, then we hope you’ll be talking to us.

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