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Redefining Custom Residential Architecture Through Award Winning Design

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"At Group3 Designs We Believe Every Home Should Be A Work Of Art That Bears The Unique Signature Of Its Owner, Not Its Designer."


Shingled waterfront home

We do not have a “signature” look, and we are very proud of that.

​Imagine your existing ‘space’ refreshed and your world redefined. This is your home, not simply a place to return to. The key is to surround yourself with advisors that will never allow your imagination to be limited by the size of that ‘space’.

Your new home design begins with sound planning. A successful solution for you becomes reality when all interior and exterior spaces, architectural elements, interior furnishings, lot orientations, site views and amenities are joined in true perfection

When you wake from a dream it's so vividly clear… right before it fades. With the right team behind you, tapping into that moment of pure vision turns your dreams into design reality. Trusting in that team is the audio track to that pure vision of your perfect home.

With just the right guidance, your team can accomplish even the toughest of projects with ease. Yes, you are the owner of the team, but a good architect must be your quarterback, orchestrating a professional and competent blend of designers, builders, and decorators.

Rely on your team. Trust them so that pure vision of your perfect home will be built on time and on budget. Building a custom home does not mean that it must be unnecessarily extravagant, as some professionals might think. The right team… YOUR team… will know better.

Imagine working with an architect that gets it…
…it’s not about what THEY want, it's about what YOU want…
No emotion, no glitter, no gimmicks… just pure vision.
YOUR vision… your dream coming true.
Buy into that. Remember that. Embrace it.
At Group3 Designs, that’s how we see it. That principal is at the core of our existence as designers, and we're looking for clients that will appreciate what working with us is really all about.

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