We do not have a “signature” look, and we are very proud of that

Ever since we founded Group3 Designs in 1986 after merging our companies, we have sweated the details. But most importantly, we have satisfied clients. As a full service architectural design, interior design, renovation and planning services company, we can ensure that your expectations will be exceeded and your dreams realized and delivered on time. Scale and proportion, creative thinking, passion and collaboration are our calling cards. Formal or informal, grand or subtle, it doesn’t matter because we will be as good as you let us be.


We do custom work from bottom to top for every client.

In our vast portfolio of stunning architectural and interior design projects, you will not see the same design, style or details repeated. Our finished product will not look like anything else you’ve ever seen, anywhere. 

Designing a truly Great Home is an emotional journey, a functional and creative challenge, and an awesome responsibility requiring a rare breed of designer.

Group 3 initiates all projects with the guiding principal of "quality design with quality materials". Our homes embody a total design to naturally use less energy and resources. This approach creates a healthier and more comfortable home.

Meet Our Principals

Rick Clanton

South Carolina native Rick Clanton admits that his job is not easy and very humbling because every architectural detail has to be just right.

 Clean and simple with layers of detail, such as the old homes in Charleston and Beaufort. Vacations always include time to explore old homes and historic buildings. He draws inspiration from the original source.

Mike Ruegamer

Long Island native Mike Ruegamer moved to Hilton Head with his wife and 3 year old daughter in 1984. By his own admission and that of his co-principal Rick, one of Mike’s professional talents is being able to visualize an entire project at its infancy.

In addition to being the lead interior designer at Group 3 and handling all selections of interior finishes, furnishings and accessories, he also oversees all administrative duties and the two Pyramids retail stores on the island.

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